Good jeans at a good price

The essence of the Clipper Cove brand is rooted in the history of 19th century clipper ships, which epitomized speed and grace. His homage extends to the secret harbors (“coves”) that housed these vessels.

They are that bold and resilient. Capable of following the most frenetic pace of life. Pants with as much character as the wearer.


The company that shares your company’s success

The goal is to produce high quality jeans that rival the best on the market, but at a price point somewhat more affordable than the high-end.

We want everyone to be happy: the distributors, the retailers, the private labels that rely on a quality product. Manufactured with care so that it is not only beautiful but also durable.

Just like that. So useful.


We are looking forward to this journey

Founded in August 2022, Impulso Consensual is a Portugal-based company that created the Clipper Cove brand for its fashion projects.

And yours.

The factories are in Europe and Asia to better serve customers around the world. We are now looking for active partners who wish to join us in this fascinating fashion and business adventure.

New and expanding company

Because we are young, we are daring and we go for it. Ambitious and eager to be among the preferred brands of jeans.

Focused on the European market

We started in Spain and Portugal to lay the foundations for solid and stable growth. To then connect with the rest of the market in Europe.

We are looking for active partners

If this philosophy is like yours and you see that we can collaborate in this exciting project, we would like to hear from you and your plans. Call us today to sail together.

Committed to doing it right

And we are not only referring to the quality of the product, but also to how it is manufactured. Because not everything goes in world trade. That’s why we have certifications that encourage us to keep doing better and better.

wrap certificacion clipper cove
sedex certificacion clipper cove
walmart responsible sourcing
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