potencial del mercado europeo para la moda denim

The potential of the European denim market

The value of European denim imports is estimated at 10.02 billion euros, making it a strong sub-segment of the apparel market. The best opportunities for importing denim into the European Union (EU) are in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. These countries are the largest importers of denim from the EU and the largest importers of denim from developing countries. Poland also stands out for its high growth in recent years and is among the key markets in Eastern Europe.

What makes Europe an interesting market for denim?

Europe is a major importer of denim. In 2022, the value of denim imports in Europe, including imports within the EU, amounted to €10.02 billion, up from €8.33 billion in 2017. This corresponds to more than 830 million units of clothing in 2022. Over the past five years, the value of European denim imports has increased at an average rate of 3.76% per year.

Men’s and boys’ denim accounted for a larger share (57%) of the segment, with €5.75 billion in 2022. Denim for women and girls accounts for the remaining 43% with a total value of €4.27 in 2022. With an average annual increase Of 4.2% since 2017, the women and girls sub-segment has grown faster than the men and boys sub-segment, which achieved an average growth rate of 3.4% over the same period.

Which European countries offer the most opportunities for denim?

Germany is the largest importer of denim and denim fashion, followed by Spain and the Netherlands. Poland is the only Eastern European country in the top 10 and its imports are growing faster than any other country in the top 10. Together, the top six countries account for 89% of denim imports into the European Union and have grown at an average of 4.4% per year over the past five years, driven mainly by growth in Poland.


Spain is home to some of Europe’s largest international retailers.

Spain is Europe’s second largest denim import market. In 2022, its denim imports amounted to €1.3 billion (vs. €1.18 billion in 2017). This corresponded to approximately 138 million garments. Over the past five years, the value of Spanish denim imports has increased at an average annual rate of 1.89%. This accounted for approximately half of the segment’s overall growth, while import volumes increased by 0.65%.

Translated and adapted from research by Frans Tilstra and Giovanni Beatrice for FT Journalistiek

Original source: CBI

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